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April 15, 2005
’Ole George, Butcher are true role models

Editor: On March 14, 2005 the hearts of many VINCENTIANS were filled with joy as our two local heroes, Earl ’Ole George Daniel and Joel Butcher completed a six day marathon walk without sleep. Their names may never make it to the Guinness Book of Records, but as Vincentians they have made us proud. {{more}}They are our heroes and role models.

This writer is not acquainted with Mr. Butcher. However, ’Ole George and I attended the Troumaca Primary School and we know each other quite well. Therefore, I take the liberty to say some words on his behalf.

’Ole George has served this country well and continues to do so with dignity. Before migrating to Canada, he worked as an agent with LIAT.

Upon returning to his homeland, he made his contributions as a comedian and host on the programme Heart to Heart on WE FM, where he deals with social problems. He continues to make his contribution in writing in his column in the Vincentian Newspaper, “Ask ’Ole George.” As a counsellor he has made an impact. As a Welfare Officer at Her Majesty’s Prisons, his contribution can not be underestimated.

He made another leap, by becoming, along with Joel Butcher, the first persons to walk that length of time without sleep. Of course, we can forget neither his yearly local walks nor the walk he did in Barbados.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in a society where there is a definite lack of role models, ’Ole George and Joel Butcher are indeed role models.

I therefore recommend that some recognition be given to them.

Kennard King