Our Readers' Opinions
April 8, 2005

The right to freedom of speech

Editor: Freedom of speech is fundamental to true democracy. As a matter of fact freedom of speech is at the core of human rights. The reason why the Almighty did not create us mute and gave us free will, is that he wanted us to exercise free will. We can only exercise free will through our ability to express what we are thinking and how we feel. Hence freedom of speech. {{more}}

We may not always say things that others will like to hear. As a matter of fact most of us only want to hear others say things to us or about us that we only want to hear. It is in our human nature. Hence freedom of speech is an application of Natural Law. It is our God given right (human right) to express ourselves freely.

Secondary to Natural Law is Physical Law. Physical law is the application of law in society by a legislative(governing) body. This is usually passed on through a constitution.

Democracy was introduced into English in the sixteenth century from a translation of the Greek word demokratia. Demos meaning people and kratos rule. When we talk about democracy today, most of us are referring to the Rousseaucratic concept explained in the Social Contract, as the will for people in society (citizens) to choose a particular leader(s) who would represent their interests in society. So you see at the core of democracy is citizens right to express their free will through freedom of speech.

The government’s decision to impose wire tapping is not unanimous. It most certainly does not reflect the interests of the Vincentian people. As so many of us already know, Vincentian people love to talk. After all our national bird is a parrot. So to impose censorship of speech through wire tapping is to infringe on our constitutional rights. It also comes into direct confrontation with our most essential right, our God given right (human right). That is our right to exercise free will. Anyone who tries to take away our free will places themselves above God. Therefore the government is treading a tight rope by imposing censorship of speech.

Our government is acting like a modern day Leviathan, treading on the constitutional rights of its citizens. I guess no one ever explained that there can be no democracy without the citizens direct involvement.

Governments cannot elect themselves as representatives of the people. It is the will of the people to elect a body of representatives whom they feel would reflect their best interests in society. The government’s decision to act on its own without the consent of its citizens is incendiary and in diametrical contradiction to true democracy.

Therefore when the democratic process fails, the onus is on citizens to elect a new body of representatives that will appeal to its interests. That is also our constitutional and democratic right.

Loferne Cuffy