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April 8, 2005

Take another look or shut up

Editor: Please permit me to respond to “AAA – Take Another Look at Keith Joseph” published on April 1, 2005.

I recommend that the writer takes a closer and more objective look at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Athletics Association, recently renamed “Team Athletics SVG”, examine closely the composition of the Executive Committee and analyze the individual competencies of the individuals in each post. If you are capable of doing so, without being blinded by your emotions about Keith Joseph, you would recognize that Joseph is the life-blood of the organization.{{more}}

You have questioned how many athletes have received success regionally or internationally. Take it from someone who has obviously had a closer look than you did: Natasha Mayers, Jean Cummings, Nikki Peters and Sasha Vitalis are all athletes who, through Joseph’s dedication and profound passion for the sport, have received, to one extent or the other, some level of international recognition. Regionally, Courtney Bascombe, Abassy Ralph, Andy Grant, Kineke Alexander and Adonson Shallow are athletes who have been consistently making strides in terms of performance .

Joseph’s commitment has not been restricted to the discipline of athletics only. Rather, his uncompromising support of persons like Corey Huggins in Lawn Tennis and Genielle Greaves in Women’s Cricket has given these athletes a level of confidence that augurs well for improved performance in their sporting fields.

It will also be interesting for you to find out for yourself, what Joseph has been doing for St Vincent and the Grenadines in terms of the broader sports development process. Many persons have been professionally trained in areas of coaching and technical expertise, under Joseph’s leadership.

With respect to qualifications, I wonder, who in St Vincent and the Grenadines you propose to lead the organization more effectively than Joseph. I hope for our sake and the sake of our athletes that you do not see yourself as one capable of occupying such a post. The mere fact that you can write a letter, being as ill-informed as you appear to be, does not say much for your planning or leadership ability. Mr Joseph has been appointed IAAF Technical Delegate and the Competitions Director for the North America, Central America and Caribbean region (NACAC). He has put St Vincent and the Grenadines on the map with Track and Field. If internationally his leadership ability and technical expertise are recognized and appreciated, why can’t we, at home, recognize and appreciate what we have.

It truly amazes me that in a small country like ours, one critical political radio programme can generate so much hate that we seek to get rid of a man who is duly qualified to lead one of the country’s national sporting organizations. And I dare say, has done a darn good job of doing so over the years.

Next time, Mr. Davis, before you write, take Just Another Look at the SVGAAA, or shut your mouth!

A Person Who Knows