People still believe Hollywood myths
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April 1, 2005

People still believe Hollywood myths

EDITOR: It seems as though the proposed Pirates of the Caribbean II has caused quite a furore between Disney, the Caribs and the Minister of Culture.

It is not my intention to add my two cents worth to that controversy. Instead I would like to share the following with you.{{more}}

The word “Voodoo” is a term used by Haitians in the English speaking Caribbean. We use the terms “Converted” or “Shango” etc. to describe similar Afro-Christian practices.

It was Hollywood that created the myth that the term Voodoo referred to Black Magic (Obeah) practices involving “Zombies” – persons neither dead or alive, walking about scaring, killing, even eating other persons. I’m sure you must have seen the movies.

Did Hollywood know the truth? Most likely. Do people still believe the myth? Most definitely.

E.C John