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April 1, 2005
Ashamed of PM’s response to Dollis

Editor: Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves ought to be ashamed of himself for his patronising response to the opinion of a concerned Vincentian citizen. (Voice of the ULP, March 12, 2005).”One can only imagine the pain and hurt which the Prime Minister must have experienced due to the unfairness of Dollis’ letter.”

Was the Prime Minister trying to silence another critic of his despotic administration? {{more}}

I am also disturbed by the reaction of the Principal of the Marriaqua Secondary School (SJCM) with regards to the published opinions of a member of her staff. The esteem teacher, Miss Dollis Caesar-Alexander did the right thing. She voiced her concern with respect to an issue over a protracted salary dispute, and the inaction of the Government and the Teachers’ Union, at the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua in my hometown, Mesopotamia.

As a foundation Student of the SJCM (Class of September 12, 1968) I would never forget the welcoming oral presentation about the School’s Mission, Goals, and Objectives.

We were told to respect and uphold the right to free speech: To always challenge political inequality; advocate on behalf of the poor and downtrodden; to uphold and study the Biblical Beatitudes; to always challenge those who use the arm of Government to victimise and punish citizens for their alternative political beliefs; to never worship at the alter of Government; to always be ready to agitate and advocate.

Those were some of the challenges given to the

35 of us who started at SJCM with Sister Mary Paul of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny. The first day of class was in the basement of the St. John’s Catholic Church in Mesopotamia.

The Marriaqua Secondary School (SJCM), was never intended to be patsy or pawn for politicians or political parties

Randy Aberdeen

Brooklyn, N.Y.