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March 18, 2005
My heart weeps bitterly for Rose Hall family

Editor: To kill someone is wrong, wicked, a murder and against the law of God.

When I heard about the sad death of Mr. Clifton Caine; and for his four children to be without a father for the rest of their lives, my heart wept bitterly. There is no peace thinking of such sadness in a small village called Rose Hall, the place where I was born. {{more}}

As a member of the Ferdinand family, I truly do not believe that there are easy words to comfort such a family at this time, but one must reach out to this family in some way or the other. The question is HOW?

How can a mother look in the eyes of her four children everyday without their father, just HOW? How can she go on from here? HOW?

I will continue this concern at a later time, because the emotion of such a tragedy is too much for me right now. May God help this family and comfort the hearts of those weeping.

George D. Ferdinand

New Jersey, USA.