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March 18, 2005

He who is without sin let him cast the first stone!

Editor: I find it very difficult to understand how some of us so called Christians find it so easy to pull and destroy the character of fellow Vincentians while at the same time deliberately excluding or failing to mention the positives those persons “bring to the table”.

I say this to refer to the article published in the March 11th issue of the Searchlight newspaper, captioned “Daniel – Take Warning!”, written by Mr. Lennox Gaymes.{{more}}

Firstly let me ask Mr. Gaymes a few questions.

1. Are you God?

2. Are you a born again Christian?

3. What makes you think you have the divine right to judge Mr. Cummings?

4. Were you praying for Mr. Cummings before he offered himself as a candidate?

5. Do you know that there is a Noise Act which also applies to the church?

6. Did you check with the police to find out how many times Mr. Cummings lodged formal complaints about the noise?

7. Do you know if Mr Cummings has sought forgiveness for his actions?

If your answer to the first question is no, then you are no better than Mr Cummings is. If your answer to the second question is yes then you are even worse than Mr. Cummings. As Christians we know very well that Christ came not to condemn but to save the world.

Do you remember Saul and how much he hated and condemned Christianity? Well if you do not know let me inform you that God did not only save Saul, but changed him to become Paul the Apostle. Can you remember when Jesus was choosing his disciples, he also chose Matthew who was a dishonest tax collector? Christ did not choose saints; they all had their faults.

Please don’t get me wrong;

I am in no way condoning Mr. Cummings’ actions. But name me a man or politician who is without sin and let him cast the first stone.

I find it extremely difficult to believe that all you know about

Mr. Cummings are, “his purposeful walk”, “portrays a Napoleonic aloofness” and his “short fuse”.

This brings me to those qualities you say Vincentians expect in a good politician. These are “honesty, patience and love for people; intelligence, community-mindedness and basic Christian values”. I am sure that the vast majority of Vincentians know what Mr. Cummings “brings to the table”. His work at C.W.S.A, his involvement in charitable work with the Rotary Club, his principled stance on many public issues and his role on various government and statutory boards all speak for themselves.

Did you know or refuse to mention that Mr. Cummings was instrumental in helping those same persons to acquire a portion of land on which now sits a beautiful church? Persons accused of burning Bible, having communist ideologies and stealing from their employers were elected to serve in this country. Where were you then?

So you see Mr. Gaymes, the relevant portion of scripture comes to bear again, ‘HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN LET HIM CAST THE FIRST STONE’. In the context

of your condemnation of Mr. Cummings, you have cast the first stone and you too need to repent before you ask Mr. Cummings to so do. I too will pray for you both.

Concerned Citizen