Our Readers' Opinions
January 28, 2005

No to fare rise

Editor: As a passenger who travels regularly on the minivans I do support a rise in the fares in certain areas.

I recommend that only North Leeward and North Windward receive a raise in the fares, since the other areas got a raise as recent as last year. It has been over 15 years since we’ve been paying the same fare in North Leeward. {{more}}

It certainly is not fair for passengers to Bar-rouallie and Spring Village right up to Coulls Hill to pay the same fare. This needs to be looked at when dealing with the fares.

However, it is important that the operators of the minivans understand that they are rendering a service to the travelling public. The services given by the North Leeward vans many times especially on weekend needs improvement.

Imagine being at the Leeward bus stand on Saturdays waiting for a North Leeward bus for over two hours hoping that some will come only to be disappointed. Most of the vans no longer return after five p.m. We are therefore forced to hire a van that operates outside of North Leeward.

I think it is time that North Leeward van owners and drivers realize it is a service they are rendering and give full service. It is unfair to us passengers to be paying more for bus fare and not receiving the best service.

I trust that the mini-van association will take on board these concerns. Thank you.

Kennard King