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January 21, 2005
Congrats to Rose Bank lighting crew

Editor: Let me take this opportunity to wish all Vincentians and those abroad who normally read this paper a blessed and Christ-filled 2005.

I give thanks and praise first of all to the Almighty for giving me the courage and the knowledge to write the articles that were written. {{more}}

Congratulations are extended to the team of guys involved in the lighting up of Rose Bank for doing so well.

I would like to publicly offer my appreciation to the hard working Adult Education Unit in the Ministry of Education. Enough credit is never given to them for their dedicated work. They are independent thinkers and for this they may never be fully appreciated and given the credit they deserve.

Another appreciation must be given to the Rose Bank bum drum. They are amongst the few villages who presently still have the bum drum in existence.

Appreciation also for the efforts of Junior “Super” Delpesche who many times goes unnoticed. This young man, who lives in Rose Bank, has trained many youths in the art of steel band playing. He has a steel band and is a gifted musician. It is rather unfortunate that both the steel band and bum drum have never been fully recognized and appreciated for the cultural value. Many times they play for functions in and around the village, but seldom receive any financial assistance. Yet they continue for the love of it.

I am recommending that they be recognized and appreciated by bestowing some honour on them and also having their music marketed and rewarded financially.

Thanks guys, you have made Rose Bank a unique village and a cut above the rest.

Kennard King