Our Readers' Opinions
January 7, 2005
Communicate with your children

Editor: As a parent, I’m urging all you parents to let us support our children by keeping the line of communication open, so they can call on us anytime they need to talk. {{more}}

Let us learn all we can about our children, as they learn all they can about us, for there is no better time than the present, while they are in their elementary, primary and secondary stage of learning.

Participate as much as we can – be it in sports, fun time, mealtime, whatever; it is at this stage that children are being moulded and advanced. We must not overlook the simple little things they do or say, for if we do, we will be slipping real big – for it takes one unattended pimple to grow into a life sore.

Let us respect our children so they in turn will respect us. Be mindful of what we do or say in their presence, since they tend to adopt what they see or hear. Let’s teach them everything there is to know and not leave it up to others to do so – the results can be quite destructive.

Please let us as parents take the torch and lead the way forward. Lighten up their pathway and have them follow us proud and tall, and not stumble and fall.

Please parents, I’m urging, let us take great pride in our children, love them with everything and all the energy we have, give them a place of belonging deep within our hearts; after all they are our offsprings.

Janice Weekes