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November 19, 2004
Be tougher on crime, apply death penalty!

Editor: The continual rapid increase of crime in our society is valid enough reason for the use of the most severe penalty. They must. “Drive-by killing, homicide, youth shot, gunshot wounds, rape, armed robbery …” are some of the many weekly headlines in our newspapers.

The bold-faced manner in which these deeds are committed is not only frightening, but truly vexing. One cannot help but wonder: “Do these criminals have any fear in their heart at least for the penalty of their actions … or is it that they realize that the law ‘goes easy’ on them?” This writer believes it is the latter. {{more}}

The few years given for serious offences such as gun crimes, and the long delay in application of the death penalty do very little to discourage criminal activities in our land.

This is a call for all justice-loving citizens to show their support for the just application of the death penalty. This just penalty is Godly and Christian, unlike what many emotional humanists and unreasonable religious leaders may try to present in their cry for sacredness of life. For the opponents of execution of justice by this means (death), it is necessary to be aware of some very important truths.

First, it must be realized that capital punishment is the punishment of death for a crime.

Murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. It is necessary to make this differentiation because many persons ignorantly choose to make these terms synonymous. As a result they sometimes irrationally accuse the State of being no better than the murderer. Do not think so foolishly reader!

How can a man who maliciously murders his neighbour and the state who inflicts just punishment on this man be seen on the same level? It must be seen that the man who has intentionally and unlawfully taken another man’s life is receiving the deserving penalty by the state.

The death penalty is therefore a result or a consequence of the offender’s action. So for those who argue that the death penalty is uncivilized, barbaric and invalid, observe what the Holy God who is just and true in all His ways says. Genesis 9:6 tells us: “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man.”

The proper application of the death penalty could serve as a deterrent from evil, and a restraining influence against lawlessness. It is not revenge, but the satisfaction of the psychological call for justice.

To grant the murderer life imprisonment is to have the state maintain him while many cannot even secure a place to live. All criminals and would-be criminals must be made aware of these pertinent points concerning facing penalty for acts of violence.

The real solution, therefore, is the establishment of the law of God in the heart of man by accepting the Gospel of faith.

Precious Audain