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November 12, 2004
NDP attacking Taiwanese

After 17 years in which the NDP destroyed most of the industries – sugar, coconut oil, Diamond Dairy and stone crushing – they are now in the opposition and have come up with a plot for the destruction and obstruction of anything being done by the government, designed to move the country forward.

The ranting of the NDP has nothing to do with helping to develop or protect the country; it’s all geared selfishly towards getting them back into the seat of power, come hell or high water. But why are they so anxious to get back into government quickly? {{more}}

The NDP has decided they must stop the Ottley Hall inquiry. They will use the court to try to delay the sitting of the inquiry; however, they feel that the court will not be enough to stop the eventual revelation of the truth on Ottley Hall, so they must get back government to stop it entirely.

Further, the NDP wants to return the lands in Canouan and elsewhere which they gave to their top brass and which were taken back by the ULP administration for public use. The NDP also wish to stop any further investigation into corruption when they were in office.

As soon as they were thrown out of office, the NDP leadership coined and propagated the phrase “one-term government”. They took little time to hatch their plot. High on scheme was the removal of ministers through motions of no confidence. Rene Baptiste was first on their list, but that backfired. Key to the strategy is that they must curse in the House of Assembly and walk out, making a lot of noise, so as to give the impression that they “bad”.

Another angle to the NDP sinister plot, destabilizing the country, is to destroy anyone who supports the government in anything designed to take the country forward. The NDP has made it clear that nothing or no one will be allowed to dissuade the people from putting them back into power. They will not be stopped; all will be destroyed, no matter what the cost to the country.

The Big Gut Layou water investors ran out of SVG, maligned by the NDP. Robert Barrette and Palm Island withdrew their offer to assist in the development of the Tobago Cays after the NDP launched a wicked, vicious attack against not just Barrette and Palm Island, but other tourism properties overseas, operated by Barrette. They have propagated all manner of evil against the Freewinds, who hurriedly left our shores.

Suddenly, the Eustace-led NDP has launched a vicious, insensitive and undiplomatic attack on the Taiwan ambassador, and the government and people of Taiwan. During their candlelight rally, they threatened to switch to mainland-communist China, if they get back into government.

The NDP’s main propagandists even started a campaign on the radio to incite people to physically block the Taiwanese from delivering the money donated for the construction of the first phase of the cross country road.

Then Daniel Cummings, who appears to be the NDP’s chief technical officer in their bid to stop the cross country road, proclaimed on radio that the ambassador has crossed the line and interfered in our domestic politics by simply

saying that Taiwan supports the construction of the road.

Would anyone finance something if they don’t support it?

Glenn I. Jackson