Our Readers' Opinions
October 22, 2004
Proud to be Vincentian

by Michael S. Peters

SVG became independent, it was a grand time no more colonialism, no more foreign domination. We became a new nation with our own flag and anthem.

They said we would not survive we were too small but we stood firm and now stand proud and tall. Working together hand in hand, going strong, building a better nation. {{more}} We produce the best arrowroot, ground provisions and banana. Locally , many things we now manufacture. Tourists come from all over to visit our homeland and several times we were rated the best island in the Caribbean.

We have had great sportsmen, athletes and ball players like Kineke Alexander, Chang Jack, Pamenos Ballantyne and many others. Our artistes, musicians and entertainers are known the world over such as Becket, Kevin Lyttle and Poorsah.

We have made progress in industry, agriculture and business. Improvements in education, health and social service. We are making a contribution in regional and international matters and our politicians are rubbing shoulders with other world leaders.

Yes we have had difficulties and challenges to overcome such as drugs, crime and the occasional storm but our Carib and African ancestry made us strong. We are moving forward with purpose and determination.

So on this occasion of our 25th independence anniversary shout: “St. Vincent and the Grenadines – one people, one blessed country” We proud to be Vincentian

Celebrating 25 years as a nation!