Our Readers' Opinions
October 15, 2004
Have we lost our sense of reasoning?

Editor: Murder is fast becoming a norm in this country. Every week in our newspapers we read about someone being murdered. What is happening to this our once peaceful nation? Have we lost our way? Are we trying to give other nations, including the powerful America, a competition in crimes?{{more}}

We need to face this problem head on; no doubt the drug trade plays a major role in the murders committed. The home is also a major contributor. When daddy and mommy can no longer find time to sit and communicate effectively with their children, they grow up without guidance. A big house and material possessions are not all there is to life; children need love and appreciation. We no longer compliment children for the good things they do, we only talk harshly to them when they have done wrong. This builds poor self-esteem in children, which will lead to a life of crime.

We have lost our sense of reasoning. We can no longer reason out differences, instead we solve our differences by the means of violence. We have replaced love with hatred. We have lost our respect for life and for each other.

The Social Welfare Department needs to have more counsellors and many counselling centres throughout the island, and not just to be seen as the place mothers go to have fathers financially support their children. People need somewhere they can go and have their problems addressed in private and in confidence. They need to know that someone cares to listen and support them morally.

The justice system needs to be seen as doing justice or else the victims will be tempted to take justice into his or her own hands.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is much more that can be said about the crime situation. However, as a nation approaching its 25th anniversary of independence, we need to seriously address the hurts and the social ills that are causing this high rate of murders.

I pray that we recognize that God gave life and that no one has the right to take it away.

Kennard King