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August 27, 2004
LIAT’s character

Editor: On Sunday, August 15, I was scheduled to leave our shores for Trinidad via Liat 361, which was supposed to leave at 8:30 that morning. Due to the fact that we were under warning from Tropical Storm Earl, our airport was officially closed that morning, therefore Flight 361 did not operate. On my way to the airport I was told about the closing but continued hoping I would meet a LIAT representative to answer questions I had. {{more}}
When I got to the airport, one lady approached me, asking if I, too, was on 361. I said, “yes”, and she said she had seen three Liat officials walking towards a vehicle that then left the airport compound. We both expressed the idea that even with a storm warning, Liat should have someone to inform their passengers of flight plans.
I left after another airline agent explained the airport was expected to reopen by 12 p.m.
I later heard an announcement concerning flight information for that afternoon, though not from LIAT.
Please consider the frustration and inconvenience
I experienced, not because the flight didn’t operate
(I do not expect to fly in a storm) but because of Liat’s insensitivity and irresponsibility towards me.
I called Liat about 2:50 that afternoon and was greeted by someone who explained to me that the 361 passengers would have to be on stand-by as a result of the fact that our flight did not operate that morning. She explained that the afternoon passengers had confirmed seats. Worse still was that all the flights to Trinidad down to Wednesday night were filled. Meaning? It was highly possible that I would not get to my destination until Thursday when a seat was sure to become available.
I marched down to the airport, angry and determined to get some justice and met others in a similar predicament. We were made to feel that we were to blame for the cancellation of our flight. In fact, one agent said to a passenger, “God sent the storm, pray to him to help you now.”
Are we ready for an international airport?

Anesia Richards