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August 6, 2004
Sodomy – The Satanic choice of lifestyle

Editor: It really vexes me to hear the defiant and wicked claims the sodomite “Joe” has been making about the true and living God who created mankind.
Joe made some of these outrageous remarks in July 30th edition of your paper. {{more}} I must remind him of some ever living truths and I take the privilege to answer your question in the affirmative – yes sodomy, homosexuality and lesbianism are chosen lifestyles. I’ll explain.
Before I do, let me briefly address certain claims Joe made. Joe said: “I know that the Bible denounces homosexuality but I do not think that any expression of true love could ever be sinful.” According to Joe’s reasoning God denounces an expression of true love when he denounces homosexuality. What a contradiction! The Bible tells us in 1 John 4:7-8: “Beloved let us love one another for LOVE IS OF GOD; and every one that LOVETH is BORN OF GOD and KNOWETH GOD. He that loveth not knoweth not God for GOD IS LOVE”.
What in heaven’s name is Joe’s idea of love? Just what kind of love can one man pushing his private part into the anus of another man express? That is not love, God forbid! That is satanic influence upon the mind causing man to CHOOSE to turn away from God’s original plan. God gave woman to man, not man to man. Genesis 1:26-28 and Gen. 2:18-22. Sodomites like Joe are worshipping a false god (Lucifer) who uses sodomy to fight against the order and system created by Yahweh God. The thought alone is so sick, as I write, I want to vomit.
Where and how can the God who is love ever denounce an expression of love as being sinful? When it is not an expression of love, of course!!!! But worse still, I am angered when I think of the evil manner in which God is presented in these arguments by the master mind behind it all – Satan himself.
Joe’s homosexuality causes him to be atheistic because he ultimately wipes God from the scene by saying that his rules (from the Bible) are outdated and “flawed”, to use his word. This just goes to show what causes the behaviour of sodomy-godlessness in the heart, you see; Joe must first reject what he knows to be true of God to choose this satanic way of lifestyle. And this is exactly what he has done. And this is exactly what he and those who follow him are offering to our Vincentian society.
Give them a chance and they will wipe out the knowledge of God and holiness from the face of what is supposed to be our “land of the blessed”. Is that what Vincentians want? But it is his defiance which really crowns off his corruption. He says no one should judge him except they who walk in his shoes. I guess that means no one should warn people about the hot nature of fire except they themselves who first get burnt.
How much more primitive and unreasonable can Joe get? Besides, why is he judging Mr. Palmer? According to him, he has been a sodomite all his life; therefore he hasn’t walked in a heterosexual’s shoes. Joe is so full of contradiction and confusion – the results of his sinful perversion. Yahweh God will judge you, Joe, and has already judged your current behaviour, in the example of the annihilation of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. How about that for judgment? Try telling God not to judge you; see if that will scare him.
And as if that were not enough, “Joe” stated, “I did not choose my sexuality, I was born this way and it’s all I’ve ever known.” Sexual intercourse involves the penetration of the male’s sex organ into the female’s. How were you born Joe, with which organ? Being that you are a man, it would be the male’s. So how exactly were you born, huh? A simple five-year-old would tell you that you’re a boy (man) not a girl. It’s a shame you don’t know it. That’s the confusion of your lifestyle. What really are you anyway? And when you talk about being born a homosexual (cause that’s what you’re saying), could you please tell us who is responsible for that? It’s God that creates.
Are you saying that the same God, whom you acknowledge condemns your behavior, has made you with that same behavior? Your reasoning to try to justify your buggery is the clear expression of the mind and voice of Satan – the only one who seeks to misrepresent God in the minds of men.
Joe sums up his message to anti-sodomites by saying, “Homosexuality has existed since the dawn of human history. A bunch of fundamentalist homophobes … are not going to change that. Gays are going to be around forever – don’t doubt that – so it’s about time people start getting used to the idea and realize that we are people just like you.”
You think you are so indispensable and invincible but the biblical account of Genesis 19, declares otherwise. Not only will you and the likes of you be eventually annihilated from the earth (if you don’t repent) but you are even now in this world plagued with the most fatal of diseases because of your nasty practices.
Yahweh will rain fire and brimstone out of heaven upon wickedness like sodomy and not even the invincible homosexual Joe will be able to escape it. It’s time YOU start getting used to the idea especially since you seem bent on continuing your nauseating practice. And no, you are not people just like us because I am no sodomite.
There is no doubt about my femininity in my mind. I am a Christian – a follower of Christ (who is God) and his holy scriptures. My mind and lifestyle are not perverted, unnatural and abhorrent as yours. To those of you who are “still struggling with name calling”, you better escape for your life like Lot and his family because great is the wrath of God against such corruption in the earth.
Repent of such unnatural ways, get in touch with God (not Joe) through his holy words which will give you all the strength and support you will need in life through morality.
When it comes to sex, choose the godly lifestyle – sex between a man and a woman in marriage.
May God truly have mercy on us in this country.

Anesia Richards