Our Readers' Opinions
July 30, 2004
Still struggling with name calling

Editor: In your paper dated Friday, July 14 2004, it was uplifting to read the article/letter written by “Joe”. To say I understand what he is feeling and has gone through is an understatement. I am living through some of those same fears and uncertainties. {{more}}
I have been laughed at, pelted at, belittled to a point where I felt like taking my own life. Often, I would say and do things to try and cover up the way I feel. I’d be one of those persons to admit that being effeminate is not attractive. A person often feels insecure, unsure of him/her self and always second-guesses him/her self. One source of constant encouragement and comfort is family, those persons who understand and try to help you through this terrible time. Another source of strength is good friends. Persons who are unpretentious in their actions and ways.
Unlike “Joe” who has come to terms with being who he is, I’m still struggling. Struggling with the name calling, the ridicule and the lies. In an effort to deal with this I try not to be flamboyant and “front page”. However, my efforts are often torn to shreds.
I do want people to realize that I do not beg or crave “anyone’s” friendship, if it means I’d have to endure their ridicule. I am fine on my own. In fact, I do live alone, and because of what persons have said in the past, I do not encourage any of my male friends to visit, nor do I visit them. That is hard, a rough way to live, but in an effort to not being criticized or ostracized I stay by myself.
I definitely would love to be married to a lady and settle down with children, but at this point I have so many unresolved feelings I don’t want to mess up another person’s life.
To persons like me, I say, be happy with yourself, to thine own self be true. Stay away from persons whose real aim is to reduce you to ash. I wish I could get in touch with “Joe” because it’s that kind of strength and support system he has that we all need.