Our Readers' Opinions
July 23, 2004
On the ropes


by R. Andrew Cummings

The world has changed significantly in recent times. Yet in SVG we seem unconcerned and even untouched by the new household word “Globalization”. From our viewpoint, it seems all so distant and abstract from real everyday life. But is it?{{more}}


In principle “globalization” refers to a vision of a worldwide market where there are no trade barriers or even national boundaries. The marketplace is supposed to guarantee fair trade, fair competition and fair play. On account of the attendant prosperity we are told that “the rising tide will lift all boats large and small to the same level”. Is this not a simplistic view imposed on our gullible and fragile minds? Our experiences cry out for a re-think.


Now that we are able to decode the designs of the real players, certain things have become quite apparent. It begins with relationships marked by strong inequalities. Quite inevitably the economies of North America, Europe and Japan have taken control, leaving us in the 3rd and 4th Worlds as mere spectators to gather up the crumbs at the feast. Cultural and social values with deep roots in history are being uprooted and replaced by global values defined by the super rich. These values leave us with “whisky tastes to be financed by our mauby pockets”.


In essence we lead a parasitic existence forever seeking succour and mercy. This mercy is a behavior which demands denial of self worth, self esteem and sovereignty leaving us devoid of initiative and enterprise. In fact, the mind becomes so enslaved and imprisoned that thought control, business control and everything control become the order of the day.


The concept of the global village, in which there is true neighbourly living with the exchange of goods, services, ideas and technologies done with a common sense of purpose and for the common good is nothing but a dreadful nightmare.


We do not want handouts or bailouts. The 1st World must teach us skills for we are teachable. Thereafter it must transfer technologies required for our development and self-reliance. Above all, it must treat us fairly in all our mutual dealings.


Unless the super affluent reach out and connect with the indigent and terminally impoverished as a matter of urgency we shall forever be the cast aside-truly “the least of these” always drifting on a lonely sea to nowhere. The agenda is urgent. Any postponement or adjournment spells doom, not only for us but also for them. They had better know it!