Our Readers' Opinions
July 16, 2004
Hooray for Roy’s Inn

Editor: Magnificent! It stands on this hill like a sentinel in white, with a grand view.
As the evening breeze caressed the trees around, their branches bowed as if adoring this architectural wonder. In the shadows and from unseen caverns came the sounds of creatures striving for symphonic excellence. {{more}}
Yes! this was the setting for my Mom’s Special Birthday and Family Re-union on Saturday, May 22, 2004.
Roy’s Inn has a multi-faceted ambience. It is serene, splendid, exotic…
The food is mouth-watering, all done to perfection a la caribe, from the appetizer to the dessert. Everything was so delicious that no one thought about the caloric intake.
We have concluded that the success of our party was a direct result of the excellent dedication of management and staff. What a pleasant surprise when they came en masse with a beautiful cake and candles depicting her age singing the timeless “Happy Birthday To You”, capturing the moment on film as she blew out the candles.
This gesture of goodwill has inspired our Mom, if it be God’s will to prolong her life in good health, to return and enjoy the hospitality and tribute of your facility.
Thank you, staffers, for making our occasion a memorable one.
It was fabulous that one of your colleagues got
the Miss Congeniality award at the recent Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines beauty pageant.
Keep up the good work and may God bless you with continuous patronage.
Like a diamond, keep on sparkling.
The John and Gaskin Family.