Our Readers' Opinions
July 16, 2004

Get rid of this sick sexual perversion

EDITOR: In an effort to keep me up to date with events that are happening in my beloved home of the supposedly blessed, a very good friend e-mailed me some photographs of a Vincentian male whom I was supposed to know, involved in some of the most gruesome homosexual activities one can hardly imagine. {{more}} These photographs made me sick, ashamed, embarrassed and totally humiliated for those involved and for my nation. This made me ask myself the following question: How can a person become so demoralized and desensitized as to show such disrespect and contempt for their humanity, masculinity, and their basic dignity and self respect?
We always hear rumours of such foolishness happening but when these rumours are qualified, it is another thing. Could the magnitude of this disgusting sexual perverted behaviour be as widespread as is currently rumored? Could this hideous practice stretch as far into the social and influential borders of the castles of many affluent Vincentians who control the social scene, the wealth and the power? Could it be also true that they prey on the unfortunate circumstances of the poor and vulnerable, corrupting the innocence?
Can a person who does not have any respect or love for his or her self have any love and respect for any one else? It is my best bet that here lies the source of the escalating crime and the total disrespect of human life that is being exhibited in the recent spate of murders that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is confronted with today.
No matter how much effort is put into trying to justify, trivialize or to put a moral angle on the contemptuous sexual perversion of homosexuals, it remains unnatural and inhumane and the human conscience will never be able to process it as anything other than what it is, unnatural and inhumane.
Would you as a homosexual or you as a straight person encourage your boy child or daughter to become homosexual? The answer you give to this question determines whether or not you think homosexuality is right or not. Every parent wishes the best for their children and the best things are not those which are expensive but that which are good, natural and expected. The things that are good, natural and expected are the things that bring true joy to the human heart: example – a true friend, a good family, fresh air, relaxation, a loving wife or husband and the list goes on. If or when you add elements that are not good, unnatural and not expected to this equation – such as drugs, alcohol, unfaithfulness, homosexuality, etc. – everything changes.
If we ignore homosexuality we will soon excuse it, then we accept it, then we condone, then we rationalize it, and to rationalize means to think about it; the thing we think about we become desensitized about, and when we are desensitized we may become experimental participants of the behaviou. (like a child and drugs).
It is in our best interest to do all that we can to ensure that this sick sexual perversion is not transmitted to the next generation. Don’t ever believe that homosexuality in some people is an innate condition that they have no control over.
Homosexuality is an imposed or an adopted habit that will see the destruction of any people who practice, condone and/or pay a blind eye to it. I once heard one preacher say that God loves homosexuals but he hates their homosexuality.
I am not recommending that we burn them (although in Biblical times that would have been their portion), but that we act as agents of change in the life of these misguided people to ensure that the perpetrators who try to infect our youths with such a disease be met head on and dealt with as the law prescribes.
In service to humanity.
Allan Palmer