Our Readers' Opinions
July 9, 2004
Dismayed by report

Editor: I speak for art students, the principal of the Community College and myself when I say that I was dismayed by the coverage given to the A’level art exhibition opening reported in the June 25 edition of Searchlight and headed “Artists Lacking Facilities”.{{more}}
It constitutes unbalanced reporting of the opening of the exhibition, in which no description of the art was given, and no apparent interaction with the artists was undertaken.
The focus of the launching was the importance of creative development of the youth, the emergence of artwork of an exceptionally high standard signifying a new era in aesthetic consciousness.
It is unfortunate that your reporter chose to overlook this aspect of the event, thereby taking an “anti-creative” perspective which does not accurately report the spirit of the event.
It is true that the lack of facilities was mentioned at the ceremony, but within a context that did not overshadow the students’ achievements.
I am particularly aggrieved because the hard work and discipline of our youth involved in creating these works were overlooked in favour of slanted reporting.
I should also mention that “facilitators” are not employed at the College – teachers are referred to as “tutors” or “lecturers”.
Hopefully we can look forward to the more constructive approach usually taken by Searchlight to educating the public about the arts in the future.

Vonnie Roudette