Our Readers' Opinions
May 28, 2004
Put on a Carnival time exhibition

Editor: I want to see the best of the best displayed proudly every year, whether at Reigate or the Old Library.
I want to see Vincentian artists display their best original creations: people like Jahwatcha – gold medal winner in Geneva; Scrapie Dopwell with his metal creations; sandal and shoemakers like Paypay from Layou with shoe designs; drum maker Nzimbu; carpenters and carvers like the one who designed the eagle-claw foot couch at Reigate’s Exhibition. {{more}} I’d like to see best breed animals such as the giant goat featured at the Grammar School [National Exhibition] grounds, best dog, rabbit, etc. and florists with their best collection of orchids, etc.
I want to see our writers have a corner in this exhibition, dress makers, jewel makers, cake-icers and wine makers with their free samples.
I am most interested in seeing all the local herbs displayed with their remedies like what was done some years ago at the Anglican School Annex on Bay Street. In addition, automobile art designers, photographers and architects with their dream designs and computer programmers with their custom designs.
I want foreigners and our children to discover and to learn what we have to offer on this little island of ours. It’s not too late to put it all together.

A proud Vincentian
Cyril Prescott