Our Readers' Opinions
May 21, 2004

We must be consistent!

EDITOR: While the views expressed by Dr. Franklyn B. James are entirely his, it is sad that in the mix another of our intelligent sons could neither see nor hear King David and his Psalms.
In Dr. James’ listening, he seemed to have conveniently left out the best part yet, that of Barrett’s statements of our aim not to make profits, and that of the Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves calling Vincentians who hold an opinion that differs to his, vindictive, dishonest, untruthful and malignant. {{more}}Maybe Barrett is the salvation that all of the world has been waiting for, willing to guarantee income to the Government whether or not the project generates a single cent.
Don’t spoil the script, Dr. James, or you could end up having your movie poorly produced.
The question of having private interests managing the Tobago Cays must not be confused with the nationals of this beautiful rock SVG. We are our nation’s first resource. Give us a chance if it’s only for the sake of failing, then you would have known that you tried.
Dr. James asked whether persons are now saying that private interests are greedy and reckless. I, however, find the Doc’s question to be more of a red herring to provide cover for the landlord.
The people of the Grenadines are also said to be fed up with being directed by mainland politicians. It is their right to be fed up, just like many of us in the Marriaqua Valley are fed up with our very own mainland politicians who are seemingly taking this country back to the Milton Cato era when the black power boys and the UPM fought relentlessly for a place for the masses in a country where we had the filthy rich and the filthy poor.
Dr. James, this piece of Real Estate, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is no lone star private property, so we refuse to be anybody’s subjects.
The attempt, Dr. Franklyn B. James, to parcel off the Tobago Cays to Barrett was hurting this nation, and when you are hurting the passion of a people, try restraining their emotions and you will see the end result. We must be consistent.
Is the good doctor overall finding powerful words indeed, but doesn’t know that the people whom we idolize have taught us all the finer points of how to be inconsistent. Truth and honesty is not about going the journey. Life, Dr. James, is not about flesh and blood, it is about the social circles that you are on, especially if you are of the intelligentsia.

Larry Bascombe