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May 21, 2004
Police offficer could ease blockage

Editor: From my experience as a 4.30 p.m. driver, traffic heading over Sion Hill to Arnos Vale flows smoothly when traffic officers are at the gap before the airport. When they’re there, many people taking the short cut that ends at that gap feel they can just pull right out onto the main road. {{more}}
This not only causes the occasional gridlock, where traffic is blocked in all directions, but it further backs up traffic on the main road.
If having an officer at the gap eases the “rush-hour” congestion, which it appears to do, doesn’t it make sense to have one there every weekday?
I sincerely hope that the powers-that-be recognise this as an easily resolved situation, which would make hundreds of tired workers less stressed.

Pam D. Commuter