Our Readers' Opinions
May 7, 2004
ULP and its responsibility

EDITOR: Our Prime Minister and the ULP Government speak about education and its importance.
I think they are trying well in the education system for all of us, but I am disappointed in that they are not taking time off to educate us about the Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME), which will be upon us in 2005. {{more}}
I am not seeing any development in the marketing sector; everywhere we turn I am seeing billboards all over the country advertising what they have to offer.
The P.M. went to Jamaica to deliver an address on the Caribbean Single Market Economy; I am still wondering what he spoke about. He had a press conference on Monday, April 26, 2004, and he still did not inform us what it was all about.
I was hoping the P.M. would take time off and give us some consultation on this very important issue. We need to be told of the importance of CSME and the effects on business here.
In my opinion it is the responsibility of the Government to do what is right for the business and manufacturing sectors. This is going to be a very big change in the business environment for us to deal with, so the P.M. and Mr. Straker have a serious commitment to this country.
Let’s work together to build a better country for our youths.
Kingsley DeFreitas