Let us see the progress we need in Football
On Target
March 28, 2024
Let us see the progress we need in Football

It is the candid view of 19 affiliates of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) that Otashie Spring is the fittest person to lead the organisation for the next four years.

Spring was elected last Thursday night, March 21, 2024, at the SVGFF’s Elective Congress held at the Methodist Church Hall, Kingstown.

He thus took the reins from Carl Dickson, who got four votes, whilst warding off other threats from Wayne Grant- 15 votes; Marvin Fraser- 12 votes; and Renson Haynes- 2.

Clearly, the majority of affiliates chose you and rejected the others.

Campaigning on the mantra, “ The progress we need”, Team Spring, as they were called, in the main, occupied most of the executive spots, as Dominique Stowe earned the first vice president’s position, Yosiah Dascent, second vice presidents, with Ayakie Daniel and Deptor Culzac, gaining two of the five committee members’ positions.

Spring, who has served as a vice president for two terms, overseeing finance, tournaments and technical matters, thus brings with him a wealth of experience.

Obviously, he would have learnt the organisation’s dynamics having worked under the presidency of Venold Coombs, Marvin Fraser and Carl Dickson, all who exhibited different leadership styles.

Hence, you Mr Spring have to stand up like a man of substance and fashion your method into the best for the SVGFF and the for the progress the sport needs at this critical juncture.

Therefore, you Mr Otashie Spring, should not be allowed to be a puppet for anyone or to have anyone with a remote control that takes us two decades back.

No one expects PERFECTION, but the “BEST” from you, granted that you have met a liquid organisation in a healthy financial state, debt free and a well-oiled budgetary machinery crafted by your predecessor.

Additionally, the lighting of the Brighton Playing Field and the fulfilment of the Home For Football at Cane Grove, are all ready-done projects that you now have to complete in the shortest possible time frame.

In short, Mr Spring, you have been dealt a fairly good hand; it is for you to play your cards straight and read the poker game right.

You cannot be too preoccupied with sufficing those loyal affiliates who voted you into office, and wilfully sideline or neglect who did not see you as the man to lead.

Hopefully, the promises made to those affiliates who were in your corner, should not take precedence over the bigger picture, which is the advancement of Football here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

But, critically, in upping the notches all round that are needed with some degree of urgency, address the competency levels of some elected members.

Mr Spring will readily acknowledge that you are not necessarily blessed with the sharpest administrative acumen.

But that is one side of democracy that we have to live with.

Granted the lack of skill sets within, it may be wise from the get go to seek external assistance, as the job of football requires more than persons who are part of an elected team.

It must be underscored that you Mr Spring in 2018 had vehemently indicated that you were not ready for leadership when Mr Coombs, then president, was banned by FIFA’s Ethics Committee.

Most significantly, you Mr Spring were very critical of the output of the organisation in which you were second in command to Dickson for four years.

Now that you have ‘come of age’ administratively, is the time to show the affiliates, stakeholders, and the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines, the substance of which you are made.

The time is opportune as you have painted a bleak picture of St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Football during your manoeuvrers and wooing, in the lead up to the March 21, Elective Congress.

The acid test is for you to right most, if not all the wrongs, cited by your team, and leave a legacy that will be difficult to reach even with a totem pole.