Oops, we are hosting Windward Islands Games
On Target
February 23, 2024
Oops, we are hosting Windward Islands Games

Like an unforgotten story, nothing is being said about St Vincent and the Grenadines hosting the 2024 Canadian Bank Note/ Winlott Inc. Windward Islands Schools’ Games (WISG).

Yes, for those who are not aware yes, the circle has come around for this country to be the venue for the multi- discipline games that take place annually during the latter part of July.

Unfortunately, there is little being said about the event that is used as a gauge for our Under-21 talent pool in Basketball and Volleyball (Male and Female); Track and Field; Netball; and Football.

Lest we not forget the Games resumed last year following inadvertent breaks in 2020, 2021 and 2022 because of the impact of the dreaded coronavirus pandemic.

On resumption though, St Vincent and the Grenadines continued on the path left in 2019, thus they comfortably occupied the last place.

From the disciplines, the Vincentian contingent was able to muster only 17 points. To our dismay, this country failed to win in any of the disciplines.

Our best showing was a second place in Female Volleyball . There were third places in Track and Field, Male Volleyball and Football.

These went with last places in Netball, and expected Male and Female Basketball.

The records show that after St Vincent and the Grenadines jointly won the title with St Lucia in 2009, and were sole winners in 2010, nothing by way of first place glory has come our way.

Therefore, one would have thought that in wisdom, given the poor showing and shambolic review of the 2023 edition, those who hold the reins of governance over the selection of the squad would have sought to do better this time around.

Of course not; it’s almost the end of February, and the lackadaisical, pathetic way of doing things is still in effect.

But this column may be overthinking that such personnel are imbued with the capacity and gift of excellence to ensure that we optimize the young athletes’ showing.

One also will think as a matter of courtesy and right thinking, that the notion of ‘charity begins at home’ will be the mantra of those who administer this country’s participation in the multi- discipline event. However, it is to the contrary.

To many who follow the Windward Islands Schools Games over the years will concur that whenever we prepare, we get good results.

The same holds in reverse, as poor preparations on St Vincent and the Grenadines’ part, and likewise ad hoc selections, result in poor performances.

As it is, we are not learning, or better put, we seem not to care a hoot about St Vincent and the Grenadines’ final output and product, as attendance and participation are paramount.

Anticipations are that come the months or May and June, there will be a mad rush to get the host team together.

Maybe, those in charge will be piggy backing on the National Under-20 Football team, as well as other disciplines to suffice the quota.

Beyond the obvious institutional lethargy associated with the preparations of the St Vincent and the Grenadines unit, the country as a whole has to be sensitized.

We as a country will be flooded with people- ICC Men’s T/20 Cricket, Vincy Mas, then Windward Islands Schools’ Games.

Whilst the latter caters for a smaller number of participants descending on the country, preparations as a host holds similar value and purpose.

Like the larger events, Cricket and Carnival, the Schools’ Games offer some much needed economic spinoffs for Vincentian businesses, albeit on a smaller scale.

To the good as well, St Vincent and the Grenadines for the first time, will be able to welcome our Track and Field athletes from Dominica, Grenada and St Lucia, to the Diamond Facility. There, the Athletics component of the WISG will be held.

Indeed, it will also be the biggest event to be staged at the facility, since its commission.

So, let us get cracking and get the show on the road.