Upping our game
On Target
May 12, 2023

Upping our game

Given the current state of our Football, it is time to up our game. This is against the backdrop based on some happenings of the Premier Division of the 2022/ 2023 National Club Championships that ended last month.

And, there are few happenings that can only get better with time and input from all of the stakeholders.

Worthy of note is the fact that the premier clubs are upping the ante by ensuring that they are well attired when attending matches.

This goes along with the efforts to have trained personnel carry out physiotherapy and recovery work with players.

Other notable additions are the procurement of warm up apparel and other implements that can only enhance the clubs and overall, the football product.

On the side of the technical department of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF), the regular taking of statistics of the matches can only augur well for the upliftment of the sport.

However, this column will thumb as the biggest and most significant addition and impacting to the Premier Division, is the live streaming and televising of over ninety-five percent of the matches.

That is a breakthrough in our Football history and one that must be endeared.

Indeed, no praise is enough for the leadership of the SVGFF for negotiating to have this deal realised.

Undoubtedly, the engagement of the FIFA platform, as well as VC3, has profiled the premiership in a wholesome manner.

This is not withstanding the fact, that broadcast was of a high standard.

A welcomed marketing tool, the benefits to our Football from this venture are numerous and far -reaching.

Within the local context and space, many persons who were unable to be physically present at the Victoria Park, the Brighton Playing Field, the Chili Playing Field or the Campden Park Playing Field, could have viewed the matches in the comfort of their homes.

No longer are highlight packages and a few clips in the weekly newspapers the only outlets to have glimpses of our top footballers in action.

Additionally, the nine participating clubs are now filled with footage of their players that can be used both for technical and tactical enhancement purposes.

Readily, our footballers are seen from all corners of the globe. This type of marketing thus places our footballers on the radar of scouts.

Reports are that the streaming of the matches is bearing fruits as some players and the clubs have been contacted for possible trials to overseas clubs.

Too, players can extract clips for the personal promotion of the talents.

Granted all the pluses and progress that are accruing, the next best endeavour is to consolidate on the good, minimize the shortcomings and embrace changes.

Therefore, the policy makers of the sport must redouble their inputs and take the lead in moving the sport from its current status.

Getting to the next level will require an injection of funding so that clubs can get their technical and tactical aspects of the players improved.

Fortunately, the streaming of the matches will obviously force all to get their act together, as the sport is on show for the world to see.

It is all well and good to have the players images available to all and sundry across the globe, but it is equally imperative that viewers have quality football to watch and keep their interest.

The onus then falls on all to make that conscious push to better everything that is done, as the product must be exportable.

Players are the main pillars if change and that upward trajectory of our Football is to be attained in the shortest possible time frame.

They have to take on that professional outlook and mentality, as many still have the ambition of making Football work for them.

Many of our footballers often echo that Football does not pay them, hence don’t expect them to exert greater energy.

So, at their feet is a perfect platform to show their wares and, hopefully, get some financial rewards as reciprocity.

No one hand can clap or make the institutional and cultural changes that are needed to better our Football; it must be an undertaking of clubs, administrators and players who are like minded.