The mill just keeps running
On Target
September 30, 2022
The mill just keeps running

It is the completion of week four of the 2022/2023 academic year and there seems to be no fervour, zest nor drive to return of a full calendar of sports.

This is against the backdrop that there was an almost total absence of some sporting activities for the better part of two years.

But it is the same run of the mill approach heading into the start of the proposed competitions.

As such, term one will normally host Football, Tennis, Netball and Table Tennis.

However, things have become low keyed as persons who are in charge of these competitions are going about their business with the normal mannerisms and body language.

One would have thought that the persons who are adequately remunerated had the common sense to know that extra effort is needed to whip up interest, granted the lay-off in many disciplines.

This column had given the benefit of the doubt to the relevant authorities that they would have jumped on the possibilities of having a big show, given that they were welcoming back school sports in a wholesome way.

Unfortunately, the confidence placed in these officials were replaced by the endemic and chronic lethargy, disinterest and oblivion- character traits of persons of that ilk.

However, one can expect feeble attempts to be made as these competitions are set to commence. The rush will be on to get people’s attention to look their way and buy into the institutionalized laxed way of doing things.

Sadly, the young impressionable young sportsmen and women within our education system, will be the victims of these persons who are clothed in statuses, but who care less of their sporting prowess and exploits.

Despite the concerns raised in this forum, the competitions slated for this term will go ahead as planned. They will come to an end, winners will be declared, presentation ceremonies will be held and obviously success will be counted and plaudits will be taken by the organisers.

This though has been the modus operandi of the authorities, whether it is the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Sport etc.

It is pointless that we have these competitions for the simple sake of hosting them, with the slipshod approach taking place year after year.

Therefore, despite the reconfigurations, the ministries’ reassignment, changes in personnel, very little accrues for the betterment of the young people who are lodged within the walls of the various educational institutions that make up the lot.

Maybe it is just the way we view sports here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, as a mere recreational undertaking, rather than meaningful development of the human population.

This is so as there is overwhelming evidence that the drive is lacking to do better and even strive for the best.

Monotony has taken root and one cannot be doing the same things in the same way and miraculously expect different results.

Like a stuck record, this column will continue to highlight, harp and most critically lament the shabby treatment that schools sports in general is prioritised and worst of all, administered.

Again, the sporting population gets duped by the show, trappings, excitement and performances at the annual Inter- Schools Athletics Championships, and pass them off for excellence across the board.

Reiterating, we have to cease with the run of the mill perspective and be real with the youngsters’ psyche and ultimately, their social and educational growth and development.