Leadership crisis in Sports
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May 27, 2022
Leadership crisis in Sports

SPORTS IN ST VINCENT and the Grenadines is faced with a predicament, that of leadership.

One though has to state up front that the issues surrounding the matter are many sided, complex, but seemingly perpetual.

This is not to say that we don’t have good and worthy persons in positions who can be classified as worthy, capable and best positioned to be at the helm.

In saying so, the anomalies and dynamics of sports are the main contributing factors that are hindering us from producing better leaders in sports.

As such, some persons are thrust into positions mainly by default, as they would have been the choice when no one else was either available or willing to take up the mantle.

Here lies part of the inherent hindrances to development and effective leadership, as often times the persons elected to the top post do not possess the acumen, the will nor the skill.

Our situation is also compounded by the fact that democracy takes precedence, hence, one cannot be denied being chosen to head a sporting discipline .

Relatedly, some organisations have not put succession plans in place, whereby prospective leaders are groomed to carry on the baton.

Linked to this regular occurrence results in the constant recycling of persons, who would have either given service before and have done little to propel the organisation, but have the gall to be opportunistic whenever the electoral process makes its way around.

Another contributor to the crisis in leadership which sporting organisations encounter is the disappearance of the various community groups which automatically produced leaders at various strata of society in general.

It is similarly correct to thumb the void caused by the constructive and decisive demise of the once vibrant National Youth Council. Undoubtedly, the NYC was a breeding ground that spawned leaders who were filtered into the several facets of Vincentian life, inclusive of sports.

Of note too, is the rancour, the mudslinging, character assassination that are often played out in the public sphere. Indeed, some professionals who may have the tenacity, training or just simply want to serve their community or country, would rather stay clear of such happenings.

But we cannot mope and groan about the past but look seriously at addressing what is before, our current situation must not be allowed to go unresolved and degenerate to the point of no return.

It is therefore imperative that a concerted effort be made to stop the rot, notwithstanding the reality

that it is a deeper national problem.

Among the correctional approaches to be applied is for sports leaders to be cognizant that the sport had outlived them; they are at their dead end and no longer have the will or the skill to be efficacious to the sporting discipline they serve.

It then begs the question, who are the ideal persons best suited to administer sports here in St Vincent and the Grenadines?

Do we have to rely on those who have played the sport at an acceptable level to fit the bill and head a sporting organisation?

Or can anyone who has the passion for the sport or have leadership qualities be the chosen one to be placed at the helm of a sporting organisation, whether at the community level or at the national set up?

Are there set criteria for the ideal sports leaders?

Whatever the response, there has to be some basis from henceforth as it relates to who are chosen/ elected to govern the respective sporting disciplines.

Indeed, sports administration is no longer a wishy- washy role, with persons spouting the most mouth at meetings best favoured to head or hold commanding positions on executives.

This as the landscape of sports is forever changing, hence the commensurate adjustments are mandatory to persons who are placed to make decisions in sports.

There is also a school of thought that term limits negate complacency, as leaders do not suffer from burnt out syndrome.

It cannot be overstated that St Vincent and the Grenadines is in need of some new sports leaders who have sports development, productivity and love for people foremost.