Cricket losing its currency
On Target
September 17, 2021
Cricket losing its currency

OVER TIME, we have seen a steady decline in the appeal, attraction and zeal for cricket here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The sport, for some reason(s), has not been able to deepen its root especially with youngsters. Whilst much can be apportioned to a general downturn in sports; the gravitation to technological devices, some of the responsibility and ultimate blame must be allocated to the administrators of cricket.

This is no idle and flagrant accusation, but one that is so from the eye test and from statistics.

Cricket is indeed less popular among the youth population. They somehow are not being pulled to get involved in the sport, as there is not that concerted effort, drive and fervour to up the numbers.

It is a rare sight at the school yards, the roadsides of the villages, the hardcourts and playing fields, to see young boys and girls engaging in a game of cricket.

On the contrary, we are seeing the numbers escalating in football. Cricket administrators must therefore ask themselves, what are they not doing to channel more of the young population into the sport.

The state of the sport was exposed when recently, Cricket West Indies selected 60 Under -19 male cricketers for a camp in Antigua and not a single Vincentian was named.

What has become of those who have shown some potential? Have they been left to develop on their own? Is there a programme geared towards fast-tracking their development?

But in all the scheme of things, cricket has been among the least visible within the last few months.

Save and except the Vincy Premier League 3.0 last May, nothing else has been heard of cricket.

Stop it! Do not blame Covid and the volcano for your short-comings and lack of energy and interest in the youths.

Other sports are having training camps and other development activities, what has cricket done? Nothing, zero, nought !!!

As such, the many coaches who are certified and are willing to do their bit, are left sidelined and marginalized, while our cricket administrators remain passive.

Are these coaches insignificant or incapable of driving the development process?

It can be rightfully assessed that St Vincent and the Grenadines’ cricket at this juncture is rudderless, with the sport poised to run aground.

The insiders though are quick to point to a few areas where things are positive and hold them aloft as the trophies of achievement and excellence.

Hence, they would often boast that we have a handful of international cricketers and Vincentians often dominate the Windwards Volcanoes franchise.

Indeed, whilst that is the case, it is not the end of it all.

Neither is it a safe haven to rest on the pillars of some good governance practices and personnel endowed with professional acumen and the sport is not heading northwards.

Most of all, cricket, unlike most other disciplines here, is not hand to mouth, as its financial asset base is solid.

So what is really the intent of the national cricket programme with having all these funds stacked in the bank and the reading in the black, and the sport is in the red?

Conversely, other disciplines which are less fortunate and struggling with finances, but have the penchant for progress. are ensuring that they stay relevant.

Having all these pluses must give cause for persons looking from outside to press the buttons and inquire what is taking place with the administrators of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association Inc.

Therefore, it is high time that persons who are the decision-makers and shapers of our local cricket operations, get off their haunches and report for duty.