Sports and integrity
On Target
July 23, 2021
Sports and integrity

Calling a spade, a spade, walking the moral highway and being impartial, are fast evading the psyche and operations of Vincentians. Instead, the robes of being conniving, colluding and conspiracy are becoming the national wear.

Likewise, meritocracy is not a consideration, whereas nepotism, favourtism, cliques and the boys and girls club are the order of the day.

This behaviour is becoming entrenched and the accepted norm, such that it is seemingly easier to join the gang, rather than speak up and speak out. In all this, it is safe to say, there has been a revolution of sorts, as wrong is seemingly better accepted than right.

As these happenings unfold, sports administration here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, has become an accomplice to the worrying trend. It is now endemic among sports personnel and the erosion of the internal tissues of sporting disciplines follows a natural pathway.

Hence, we have sporting organisations, both at the community and national levels, that are replete with wrong doings, and are allowed to parade with immunity and free will.

This, as their affiliates and constituents are either afraid to become the unpopular bunch; identify wrong and be bold enough to confront the perpetrators of those crimes against sports. And those who have first–hand knowledge of unethical practices, under-hand deals and other corruptive practices, stay passive, their respective disciplines are the ones which are most affected.
There are the belly-aches being suffered, whereby executive members are clueless as to decisions made by the organisation, as the “one-manism”, is firmly rooted. Or only the members of the cabal are being engaged in the process. On the other hand, the opposite is the case, as the heads of these sporting bodies are being steered by the other elected members, who have more clout within the setup.

In between, there are the unconcerned leaders, non-functioning members and organisations whose existence are only by name, as they are not engaged in any meaningful activities. But they are allowed to have the free flow of affiliation, with nothing being done by those who can apply the relevant statues. Oops, they do not have the moral authority to do so neither, as they are not better.

Likewise, many though, who are disgruntled by what is taking place or what is not taking place, have fallen prey to a few perks here and there. Their preference is to prostitute their integrity for an occasional trip, which is often decorated with a title. They are fed the hush-hush medication, whilst nothing changes, other than things continue to head in a southerly direction.

However, whilst some want to be truthful, their chosen route of escape is to criticise or apportion blame on others, and not take collective responsibility.

Unfortunately, too, there are those who when given the opportunity to tell it like it is, paint that rosy, honkey-dory picture of glows. Thus, contentment reigns, as the best means of addressing our situation is to grin and pretend that all is well. Some though are afraid of the possible back-lash, should they be bold and question the modes of operation.
In highlighting what are some of the plights, the happenings and occurrences in most of our local sporting fraternity, we seem to like it so.

When lasthave we heard of executive members of sporting organisations here, take the moral stance and resign his or her post on the basis of dissatisfaction with what is happening within the respective organisations?

Conversely, heads of sporting organisations are not prepared to be open, accept that they have erred; take their flaws and short-comings, and manfully own up their inefficiencies.

The many administrative issues confronting the various sporting organisations of St Vincent and the Grenadines, though, are not new, however, they have been allowed to prolong for an inordinate amount of time, without persons willing to bell the cat.

In saying so, this column, in no way, expects perfection within the operations of our sporting bodies, which duly have the role of advancing the particular disciplines.

Sports, by its nature, is built on the pillars of fairness, honesty and integrity. But can we say with any reliability, certainty and confidence, this is the case with us?