Vincentian sports most wanted
On Target
September 11, 2020

Vincentian sports most wanted

St Vincent and the Grenadines’ sporting landscape is not clothed in perfection, neither are we world beaters in any discipline, despite the presence of young men and women with above average abilities and talents.

What we are suffering from most is an acute shortage of proficient persons who are willing and more so able to take sports to another level.

Much of where we are and where we ought to be, have hinged on the fact, that we are without such persons who are in key positions to effect changes and maximise what is available through and from involvement in sports.

Instead, we have in positions, persons who are either stagnant or not up with the demands and standards required of modern day sports administration.

Sports administration has gone beyond just persons who can run a competition, host a meeting or write a letter here or there.

Sports has traversed many spheres, thus causing other facets of our society to be key ingredients as well as being part and parcel of the wider scheme of things.

Similarly, a wider skill set base is required for those who hold office.

Unfortunately, many of our national sporting associations have fallen victim of not electing persons who have the prerequisite acumen.

Instead, who find themselves holding offices are persons from a particular slate or from a particular locale.

This burden of ineptitude has to be carried until the next electoral process comes around again, while the respective sporting disciplines are retarded.

Sports overtime has taken on a professional outlook and we here in St Vincent and the Grenadines have to get on board and change with the emerging practices and structures.

It is high time that national associations begin to look outside for persons to serve on their executives.

Hence, they should search for personnel who have their professional integrity to safeguard and uphold.

We also need persons who do not have any self interests, except to see the sport that they administer prosper.

Sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines in general, needs its image rebranded, as in many cases it has been disfigured by the actions of some who are giving their services voluntarily.

Even in instances where persons who hold office and are granted a monthly stipend for their input, they too are woefully incapable of performing some simple tasks.

What passes off from executive members are non functional, indolent, selfish and most of all, square pegs that are required to fit into round holes.

We have to instantly dismiss the notion that only persons who have played a particular sport, should administer it.

All said, we have found ourselves in a quandary as sports administration is not attracting the most competent and committed people.

If then as a nation, we profess that we love sport, then we should endeavour to get the best people to serve at the community and national levels.

The search is on for that group of persons who will bring only their skill sets; not their personal vendettas, nor use sport as their play ground and claim to fame.