On Target
October 12, 2018
A stitch in time

There is never a perfect society, neither no one has a monopoly on knowledge.

However, there must always be that fervour and willing intent to strive to be the best, and hopefully and most likely, excellence would be the end product.

This same notion applies to the way the various sporting disciplines are being governed here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as the overall framework of the policies applied to sports in the country.

And, whilst it must be agreed that we are still emerging as an independent nation, we cannot wait until things go totally awry, then work doubly to mend them.

A case in point is the recent decision by the organisers of the secondary schools’ table tennis tournament, to somehow come up with the brilliant thought of merging two institutions – the Emmanuel High Mesopotamia and the New Adelphi.

Is it a one-off situation? Is this a new policy which has not been made public whereby we are going to have other such arrangements for future schools’ tournaments?

If not, was this decision agreed to by those who have the clout for schools’ sports in the Ministry of Education?

Whenever though, this table tennis tournament concludes, there has to be some explanation as to why the schools have been merged.

No one should hazard a guess that it was purely accommodative, to assure participation from the limited players who are available from both institutions.

Therefore, it cannot be a case of to each his own, as such tournaments, whilst under the chairmanship of the respective national associations, are not autonomous.

Such types of governance practices cannot be condoned, as such precedence can have future ramifications for us.

Likewise, our administrators of sports, especially those who are engaging in giving financial rewards to young sportsmen and women, must again be forewarned of the possible issues which can arise.

One understands the publicity hype which business entities and individuals can get from making such donations, but the effects cannot be equated with the immediate rewards.

It is the burning desire of many of our young sportsmen and women to not only further their sporting exploits, but their academic pursuits at overseas tertiary institutions, namely US colleges and universities.

Let not the dreams and aspirations of our future sporting stock, be hampered by the folly of others.

Word is out that these colleges and universities are doing greater due diligence in this regard, thus ruling out the prospects of persons being enrolled at their institutions, as the candidates, at some point in time, would have received financial donations , whilst operating in an amateur capacity.

Similarly, persons who are negotiating opportunities for students to head off to these US institutions, must as well, do thorough background research of the institutions.

More so, they must gather as much data as possible before making a choice.

Too often, our youngsters get duped into the hope of better, but are deflated because of someone not being judicious.

In the end, parents are sometimes called upon to find scarce financial resources because of not reading the fine print and getting to know the needs and schemes of the American system.

It has been found too often, that all that glitters is not gold, and many of our athletes become wasted talent because of the poor choices and they and their advisors (coaches, teachers etc.) impetuous nature.

Maybe the haste of getting out of here, and the lure of heading off to a larger country, obscure and impair their judgements and eventual choices.

Such mistakes are becoming a recurring decimal, because some want the glory and praise to be in the forefront of making that pathway for the youngsters, hence would not consult with others who are in the know.

A stitch in time can save plenty more than nine.