On Target
June 22, 2018
Be guided by your conscience

Another national sporting accomplishment was registered last weekend in Antigua, when the Vincentian combination of Enrico Louraine and Micah Glasgow won the male division of the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association (ECVA) beach qualifiers.

Most importantly, Louraine and Glasgow have earned a spot at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in the sport at this year’s hosting, set for Buenos Aries, Argentina, October 1 to 6.

The feat of the two youths, mirrors what this country accomplished in 2013 in St Lucia, when the pair of Delshun Welcome and Rodell Fraser qualified for YOG, as beach volleyball got its first entry to the games, which were staged in Nanjing, China, in 2014.

Gaining these berths again underlines the raw talent which exist among the stock of volleyballers here.

The bigger picture is that St Vincent and the Grenadines will get an opportunity to have its name among some of the best beach volleyballers in the world.

Critically though, they (both duos) have done so utilising slender resources, making use of the beaches and the Buccament Bay facility.

The latest achievement by Louraine and Glasgow, came against the continuous stalling of the promised beach volleyball court, which can be procured by the local volleyball authorities, through the sport’s regional confederation – NORCECA.

This facility has been on offer to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Volleyball Association and by extension, the entire country, since Fraser and Welcome qualified for the China outing.

But the policymakers of sports here, seem not to comprehend how much sports can propel a country and place some hope into the hopeless.

Beyond those social spin-offs, having an asset of a beach volleyball court, this country in turn, can host its own tournaments and others, under the auspices of the ECVA and the wider NORCECA set-up.

These holders of offices of decision and the purse strings are retarders of progress, as they have lingered and pussyfooted with the project, spewing blarney and deflecting blame elsewhere.
Such persons of authority must acknowledge that they are almost non-existent and possess little or no clout without the sportsmen and women, who amidst the limited resources, give of their best when called upon to represent St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The SVGVA has been clamouring for some attention with regards to the beach facility, and the national association’s claims within the last two years have racked up more currency, with its successes.

As it is now, there is no gain saying that St Vincent and the Grenadines is the leading volleyball unit in the ECVA region.

SVG’s senior male team underlined that, having displaced the previously long-standing perch of St Lucia, when the Vincentians dismantled them at the inter-continental championships in the USA, last October.

Time is running out for those who can give the right-away and the governmental backing to place the beach volleyball court, as that is a prerequisite for NORCECA’s handing-out of the facility.

The SVGVA has again positioned itself with its recent heft, to call on the authorities to fast-forward an indoor facility for the sport.

One suggestion is for the covering of the sport court that has been erected on the grounds of the Gomea Methodist School.

Like volleyball, the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cycling Union, is in the same predicament, as they are awaiting government’s approval for a BMX track, which is on offer by the Union Cyliste Internationale (UCI).

Again, the promises of the relative government agencies to fully pursue the track by giving their approval of land space and other assurances, continue to be prolonged to the point of disregard and disrespect, not only for the sport of cycling, but the broader national development.

To those who are the enemies of progress, just for one moment, let your conscience be your guide.