On Target
September 29, 2017
Running on rims

Much of the blame for the state of sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) lies on the shoulders of the policy makers, namely the government apparatus that frames and directs where we should be.

However, all fingerpointing cannot go their way and leave our national associations to have their evaluation sheets unmarked, and allow them to get away with impunity.

Some national associations therefore, must hold themselves responsible and accountable for not getting their end of the bargain and ensuring that their discipline contributes to the sum total of an acceptable level of administration of sports.

As is the case, many of these national sporting associations are running on rims and some on bare threads, as only one or two persons in their duly elected executives are functioning.

One such organization that readily falls into that category is Team Athletics SVG.

The four-year tenure of that current executive is constitutionally nearing its end and a review will show that only the key officers carried out the duties they were elected to do back in December 2013.

Likewise, the SVG Basketball Federation (SVGBF) is yet to get that monkey off its back, that of persons not fulfilling their duties.

After being locked in a battle for the greater part of one year to get the SVGBF functional, one would have thought since the elections of April 2016, one would have been served with a renewed vigour and vitality to service to the sport.

But things have slipped back into the cruise mood and the administration is almost back to square one, as president Wayne Williams is still battling the odds to get the sport on the tyres that fit the road.

Similarly, Trevor “Sailor” Bailey, by himself as president, has been doing an excellent job with the SVG Cycling Union, as an individual, but that organization needs to spread its reach and wheel in more persons to assist in the continued development of cycling.

And, whilst a little hush- hush, the SVG Table Tennis Association, as well as the SVG Tennis Association, are not much different; however, the few who are carrying the mantle are saving face.

Although there is not perfection with all national sports associations, there are those such as the SVG Cricket Association Inc, SVG Football Federation, the SVG Squash Association, the SVG Swimming Federation, the SVG Volleyball Association and the SVG Netball Association which have gained an acceptable grade for their executive output and commitment of their elected personnel.

A footnote must be placed here for the Suzanne Ollivierre led SVG Volleyball Association; whilst much commendations are in order for the tenacity shown to the sport in the last six months since being elected, the staging of a national tournament should be part of your immediate mandate.

It is a paradox that we can produce a team that can win a sub-regional volleyball title and go on to an inter-continental championships for the first time, yet the sport has not had a national tournament for the better part of four years.

In the above mentioned set-ups, we cannot accept that yes, things are happening in terms of competitions and the like, but those who are the dead weights, but still adorned with the name tags of executive members, should be honourable enough to vacate the posts, as it is as good as if they were not there.

And, most unnerving, are those national sporting associations which virtually exist only by name and for historical purposes.

Sports has long played a pivotal role in providing that necessary ingredient in social transformation and will continue to do so, once life tarries.

Equally, all systems must make their input in realizing better than what we are doing at present.

This said, everyone is cognisant that generally, sports administration is voluntary, but this is no excuse for not giving of one’s service when elected.