On Target
April 26, 2013

Is table tennis in an induced coma?

What is the current state of table tennis in St Vincent and the Grenadines?{{more}}

Having been in a prolonged mode of dormancy, it seems that the sport has now gone into a coma — a condition occasioned by a decidedly orchestrated effort to keep the youngsters shackled in despair, as a result of egotism.

But while those with the reins of administration have bridled and strangled relentlessly, for their selfish cause, the sport has been left to operate on life support.

It is mind boggling as to why those in charge of table tennis at the national level would want to continue to preside over an almost dead being. It is more unimaginable, as there is no inheritance to be gained.

Therefore, the present state can only be put down to innate iniquitous demeanour which could cause humans to behave in such manner.

Since the elections of May 2007, things have gone on the other side of progress in the national set-up. Not even the resignations of some of the elected members was sufficient to save the face of an ailing patient. The acknowledgement read that there needed a change of thinking on the part of those who matter.

Then, the association began to wet its undies and became in need of disposable diapers, before being left bedridden, dotted with sores of incompetence and misgivings.

No sooner had paralysis stepped in than table tennis became as good as dead.

This condition has caused the sport not to have any meaningful programmes for the better part of two years, except for some ill-advised participation in the Caribbean championships, the Caribbean and Central American games and the hosting of the OECS competition.

The grassroots programme, which was hit by a bout of the administrative form of black sigatoka disease, has rotted before germination could have taken place.

More so, the happenings at the AVESCO Club House get passed off for an activity of some sort, as only those who are enjoying their sunset years avail themselves of that activity.

Efforts by some government officials to inject some life-saving device were futile, as for the limp and infirm executive.

Fast forwarding to the present, the recent formation of an interim committee of persons who are concerned with the palsy state of table tennis, should act as an effort geared at resuscitation.

Unfortunately though, all at once, there are persons who have begun to crawl out from their crevices, steeled to put up unjustified resistance.

They need to remember that most of the youngsters who were emerging six years ago, have resorted to other social undertakings, such as electronic gadgets to pass their time.

Therefore, the time is now to relieve the sport from its almost eternal slumber.

It may be an opportune juncture for another attempt to reinstate table tennis on the national calendar, not only as a competitive discipline, but one which provides another outlet for some physical activities.

Just maybe, the most appropriate entity, the National Olympic Committee, would be the one to lead this recovery effort.

This effort must also be directed at a brand new remedy, as no one expects to pour the residue of the ill-fated executive into the modern oak casks.

Such will only reinfect those who are fully immunized from laziness, callousness and apathy.

And, starting all over again must be the panacea, as there are some vibrant schools’ programmes which are in train, as well as other individuals who have an interest in table tennis, who could feed the national revival.

Also, a show of confidence to those corporate individuals and firms who helped the sport in the years when it held significance on the sporting landscape, they cannot be sidelined.

If these things are not done with haste, then the morticians would prolong their reign.