On Target
November 25, 2011
What’s up with Bodybuilding?

Is Bodybuilding a dead sport, having been laid to rest by the Executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Bodybuilding, Power lifting and Fitness Federation (SVGBBPFF)?

Well, this seems to be the case, as since the new personnel were elected in March of this year, they have taken a full dose of silence.{{more}}

As it stands, the period of dormancy has had a further extension.

It was this protracted inactivity, which dated back from 2006, that prompted members to attempt to resuscitate the association.

But has the Executive been working behind the scenes, and will soon unveil an avalanche of activities?

Last March, the re- elected President Korean Williams, who acted as the new Executive’s mouth piece, promised a resurgence then in the sport.

Let this column remind the Executive what Williams promised that Saturday afternoon at the Fitness Quest Gym at Villa.

“We plan to hold seminars and workshops, and I am sure that when the Executive meets, our plans will come together and you will see Bodybuilding moving forward as before, as the head body and others who are willing to assist us and with those personnel and along with us you will see the sport moving forward.”

Williams also said then that part of the plan is to get bodybuilding in the schools, piggy backing on the popular cheerleading, which she said could take the form of kiddy fitness.

The re-elected president stated in March that her Executive was aiming to hold an exhibition show later in the year, to follow on Fitness Quest’s Inter Gym Contest set for May.

Were any of those plans and projections realized?

But what makes the current state of the sport more disturbing is that Williams fought tooth and nail to have the lead role in the association.

At every challenge of her presidency, she ensured that the balance of authority remained with her and her supporting cast.

Williams acknowledged publicly at one of the meetings earlier this year, prior to her re-election, that part of the dormancy of the organization was her own disenchantment with the direction the sport was taking.

Have you become disenchanted again?

Do they, who were elected, many by default, really have the sport at heart, or is it for personal gratification?

Additionally, those who were elected are answerable for their indifferent tenure.

Similarly, much of the blame must be placed in the laps of the few persons who are involved in the sport, who are settling for this sort of grand standing.

Are you not weary of not having competitions; nothing for the budding body builders, power lifters, and those who just are in for the fitness, to have to call their own?

Are you going to stick around for the next year and four months of the current Executive’s life, and wait until the next set of elections are called, and have persons railroad the process and come with their blarney and excuses for their inefficiencies?

What, therefore, is needed are persons who want to serve and who want to see the sport move forward, not for personal chest thumping and holders of offices of which they are missing in action.

The sport of bodybuilding has come a long way in terms of national acceptance. However, it has not made strides in recent years which would inspire public confidence.

Instead, the organisation has been brought to the brink of non recognition, and unfortunately, it is nearing being swept totally off the radar.

There are enough persons with the competence and the willingness to extricate Bodybuilding from its current state of polarization.