June 4, 2010
In Memoriam

Fri, Jun 04, 2010

Remembering our beloved mother Olive (McLaren) Cozier of Bequia who passed away June 1st, 2006

We are sad within our memory,
Lonely are our hearts today;
For the one we loved so dearly
Has forever been called away;

We think of her in silence,
No eye can see us weep,
But many silent tears are shed,
When others are asleep

Though tears in our eyes do not glisten,
And our faces are not always sad,
There is never a night or morning
But we think of the mother we had.

Not a day do we forget her
In our hearts she is always here,
For we loved her and miss her
As it ends the fourth year.

If we had all the world to give,
We’d give it, yes, and more,
To hear her voice, see her smile,
And greet her at the door.

But all we can do, dear Mother
Is go and tend your grave,
And leave behind tokens of love
To the best mother God made.