March 19, 2010


The family of the late Carol Arlene Dougan of Rathomill would like to thank those persons who so thoughtfully telephoned, visited, attended the service, sent cards of condolence, wreaths, floral arrangements, donations, and helped in so many other ways to support us during this time of sadness. Your words and actions were not only a comfort, but a source of strength to us, and the flowers, a soothing rememberance of Carol.

C arol, O Lord, is with you now,
A ll her aches and pains have ceased.
R eveal Your glory and Your grace
O Father, to her soul now released
L ovingly into Your care.
D ear Lord, her laughter we still hear,
O ur beloved for whom we care.
U nite her with her loved ones Lord,
G reeting family and friends she adored,
A nd those memories still so clear,
N ow warm our hearts with love so dear.

Goodbye, Carol. We love you now and always.