November 13, 2009



In Loving Memory of Theophilus Grafton Baptiste

15/11/27 -16/10/2009

A leader in many ways…leading by example,
without accepting praise,
a figure of strength and respect… facing,
life’s “ups and downs” with unflinching composure…standing erect,
the ability to balance fortunes and misfortunes alike,
with hands of grace, guiding without harshness or might,
many seek wealth, riches and fame…
misleading lives is what they’ll attain,
for all of what they’ve hoped to acheive is buried in vanity, boldly worn on their sleeves,
many may seek and attempt to borrow, examples of your qualities, eternal in the present and future tomorrows, I was fortunate, as many have, to have known you, and your guidance remains at the core of my being, and are such that I earnestly follow,
so when I’m asked…What is a man? With confident awareness…I’ll smile…for in you, I’ve encountered the embodiment of a man…amongst men… “Grafton”

By Carl DeRoche Gabriel