May 30, 2008


In loving memory of Susan C. Hunte of Frenches & New York, who departed this life on 31st May, 2006.

We can never know how long we will have, in our lives, the ones
We truly cherish; we can only know that their love will change us forever
In a profound and wonderful way.

We never lose the ones we love,
for love itself lives on,
And the joys we know together are never really gone.

It lives in precious memories of those who were so dear.
Memories that bring comfort and keep our loved ones near.
Whenever hands are clasped in prayer,
Our loving lord is always there,
And knows our thoughts with a word;
In his great love all prayers are heard.

Always in our hearts; mother Isoline, sisters brothers, nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.

Rest In Peace