Petit Bordel’s First Lady laid to rest
August 10, 2007
Petit Bordel’s First Lady laid to rest

With robust singing by the mourners, and vibrant music from the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Band, Petit Bordel’s First Lady Inez Delpesche was laid to rest on Sunday.

Born in 1928, a young Inez was on a visit to Rose Bank from Byrea on a Sunday trip in the mid 50’s when she was spotted by Ma Edna Delpesche who told her, “I want you to marry my son in England”.

In 1958, Inez traveled to England and married Rudolph Delpesche who was in fact Ma Edna’s stepson.

The union produced two sons Andrew, a US secret service agent and Robert, a Deputy Sheriff in Virginia USA. Inez also raised her adopted son Lenroy and her sister’s son and two daughters, and they are all successful adults today.

The young couple returned to St. Vincent in 1968 to start a welding and metal work business in Kingstown but alas, their savings were squandered by an unscrupulous relative. Rudolph returned to England after a short stay and Inez moved to Petit Bordel and opened a grocery shop which is still in operation today.{{more}}

Popularly known as Mother D, Inez quickly became a North Leeward fixture. Her generosity and compassion was legendary, and as the owner of the lone telephone in Petit Bordel at the time, she was the only link between the tiny village and the outer world.

A pioneer businesswoman, Mother D operated a mini bus in the late 70’s and early 80’s; she brought the first pool board to Petit Bordel. She was also a farmer and when a young man brought two sacks oranges that he stole from her lands at Fitzhughes to sell to her, Mother D paid him, saying, “Well everybody does pick them so I will have to give him a little change for bringing them over”.

A major sponsor of community events for years, Mother D was the most generous benefactor to the Petit Bordel Secondary School, supporting every event from sports meets to graduations.

Very active in the local political circles, mother D also served on the Public Assistance Board. In 1992, she received the Order of the British Empire (OBE) award for her generosity and service to community.

The Hon Arnhim Eustace paid special tribute, extolling her commitment to the New Democratic Party (NDP). Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell who was unable to attend the funeral sent his tribute to be read.

Her husband having passed away over two years ago, Mother D spent over a year in the United States prior to her death. Upon going to the States she said, “My children and grand children are always coming to visit me so its time for me to visit them”.

In eulogizing her, Roland “Patel” Matthews said, “A simple recounting of the facts of her life does not render the spirit of the woman; a woman of gratitude, a woman of grace, a woman of generosity, a woman of character”.