June 23, 2006

Carroll Elaine Connell was born in St. Vincent on 14th March 1918 as the twin of Charles Ewart Connell who died in St. Vincent on 11th December 2003.

Carroll attended the St. Vincent Girls’ High School, and some time after leaving school she joined the local firm of Corea and Company as Private Secretary to the then owner of the Corea Empire – Mr. Frederick Augustus Casson.

With some encouragement Carroll decided to take up nursing as a profession and proceeded to England in 1950 to pursue a course of training in this field. On completing her training she returned to St. Vincent and assumed the position as Sister Tutor at the local School of Nursing, where she endeavoured to pass on her training to the young trainees at the School.

Sister Connell became a popular figure in the Nursing Profession in St. Vincent until her retirement in 1973. Many of those who benefited from her training proceeded to greener pastures abroad.

Sister Connell received training in nursing in England and Scotland and did a first class tutor’s course in Canada.

In the field of nursing in St. Vincent, Sister Connell’s outstanding contribution will be remembered long after her death on 15th June, 2006, particularly by those who came in professional contact with her.