April 7, 2006


Hello, brother,
I saw you a few weeks ago
Didn’t get to say hi nor goodbye
You know when anyone asks how many brothers and sisters I have
I would reply “Two sisters and one ‘king’.”
My one and only brother, Her one and only son.

Mother asked for you this morning you know, today March 29th. It was about 3:30 – 4:00 a.m. She came to the living room and asked, “Whey Ken, Ann? Whey Ken? He nah been here?” You see I moved your photo for just a little while. I knew she would ask for you. For, brother, your photo is all she has now to see you everyday and the memories of you are all she remembers you by, just holding on to.

A body wounded and scarred by our only enemy (the devil)
We knew God gave you to us and that you would leave one day
But to depart in this way, it was not meant for you.
I am sure our friend is asking why and how he did what he did
When things were once again a reality
For even if he thought it through
Satan ensured that he did what he told him to.

You have wounded and scarred the body, the house of my dear brother
But you haven’t touched his Spirit or his Soul
If it is difficult for you my friend to face what you’ve done
I would like to help you see since God Himself would do the same thing too
Call on Jesus, he’s your only way out
I know Satan expects one more company on the highway to Hell
But God wants you in heaven as a friend.

My dear brother,
Say hello to Jesus for me
Tell Him heaven is sounding sweeter everyday
Tell Him I choose life always.

The family, relatives and friends of the deceased Kendol Joseph, Richland Park, extend our heartfelt thank you to all who supported us in the time of bereavement at the loss of our dear brother and attended his departure service.

God bless you and remember us in your prayers always.