March 31, 2006

Keep on Dancing

A Tribute to Brian Michael Huggins

From his family and friends

This was a complex, highly evolved man.

Some might disagree, but like a blind person who touches a tusk and concludes that an elephant is smooth and pointed, so too are the narrow perspectives of some.

He was a master at raising hackles and pushing buttons with his sometimes radical (yet always stimulating) ideas and methods, and he did not fake patience or suffer fools gladly. But those traits do not define the man.{{more}}

Some knew him for his intellect and creativity, others for his unique footwork on the dance floor, and for his generosity, jokes, and twinkling eyes in and out of the rum shops. He has been called a rebel, an existentialist, an altruist, a minimalist, a visionary. But glimpses of his human side and labels do not define the essence of the man.

Everything he did, whether we agreed or not, was done with passion and conviction, with understanding, and for the higher good of all.

He wanted to expose the greedy frauds who have harmed his people, his country. He wanted to raise standards in many arenas, and he was taking steps to correct misguided concepts that hinder our personal, social and cultural growth.

For his family, he gave his all and only wanted the best for them. He sacrificed much to care for his elderly parents in comfort ad dignity, and the love for his wife, children and grandchildren is unquestioned, even if a bit unconventional.

He had the moral strength to stand up for principle, integrity and honesty. Always striving for excellence he sought knowledge, truth and resolution.

This was not an ordinary man.

Whether you knew Brian ‘Genie’ Huggins or not, his influence, memory and spirit exist in us, giving us the inspiration to reach for higher ideals and to be more – more courageous, more caring, better human beings – everyday more.