April 22, 2005

Esther Elaine Kibler formerly known as Esther Baynes – wife of Noel Baynes, mother of Norlan and Wesley Baynes.

Sunrise May 29th, 1926

Sunset March 17th, 2005

Esther, Esther!

Who was Esther, what was she

That all her friends depended upon her

For her candid advice she was known to give

On major, simple and difficult things

She was intelligent, firm, positive and frank

Never stood for nonsense, self pity and pranks

Who was Esther, what was she?

That all her friends commend her

For being diligent, informative and calm

Not withstanding her beauty and charm

Held high in esteem by everyone

Rich and poor on her they depended upon

Who was Esther, what was she?

That all the swains befriend her

Her beautiful face surrounded by her gorgeous long hair

Seem never to faze her in the least,

She acted as if they were never even there.

She served her family well, she was the rock

She was like mother time, a special golden clock

Who was Esther, what was she?

Well I am here to extend her

We’ll talk of her always in kindness

With Faith, Hope and Love she’ Blessed

She’s just gone ahead to defend us

The Heavens such talent, such a wonderful person did lend us Esther, what a privilege it was to have had you as a friend

Friends – Friendship is God’s most precious gift! Cherish It!

Rest in Peace! God Bless!

By Sylvia DeFreitas 3/2/05

My Dearest Esther

You were true to your name beautiful, courageous and without shame. Life without you can never be the same. My heart was warmed by your presence in my life. Many others have said you were there to teach them to be delivered from man’s strife. You remain special in the eyes of others nurturing and loving those without mothers. Your heart was big and your spirit large. Once you could help you would do your best. Your hand was always ready to serve the rest. Esther you were true to your name full of favor, love and fame.

Your Loving Daughter, Norlan