February 4, 2005

Tribute to Big J

Name: Daniel (Big.J.) (Old Snake) Johnson.

Date Of Birth: 3/10/63

Date Of Death: 26/1/05

The St.Vincent and the Grenadines Motor Cycle Club would like to express our deepest condolences to the family of the late Daniel (Big j) (Jomo) (Old Snake) Johnson, Executive Activities Organizer for the SVGMCC, formerly of Fairhall.

“Big J” was a major influence in the resurgence of the Motorcycle Club, after we went through a stagnant period where very little was happening and from his initial inception pushed us into creating promotions to highlight the popularity of motorcycle sports here in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

He helped to create and supported all activities to promote the SVGMCC in a positive light. He was most active in the Back to School programme riding length and breadth of the country to distribute books and stationery in support of the needy children. He was one of those who supported and contributed to our 25th Anniversary of Independence celebrations, where we attempted to mobilise the country into doing something to improve the quality of our health service, (especially emergencies) here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Unfortunately there were those among us who found reason to argue against such a notion and in the end were successful in their attempts to derail the whole programme. Will those people now reflect over their decisions after this terrible tragedy and admit that we really do need to do something to make sure tragedies like this never reoccur? Jomo put together his own riding crew which he dubbed the Dutty 12. He inspired these guys to move as a family and I hope that now he is not here to guide them they will not go astray and forget the love that bonded them. He will be dearly missed by all our members but is irreplaceable to me. There are not many who show the same level of loyalty and support and for those, who have experienced it, felt it, will know what I mean when I say that he is irreplaceable.

Jomo was a well-known person to the community and why? It seems he never turned his back on anyone whom he figured needed the assistance. He contributed a lot both to his community and his club, and his actions over the last year earned him the position of Executive Activities Organizer for our club. He could be counted on night or day and proved as much during the nine morning

celebrations. Jomo was there to assist for each and every morning even when his bike was not available, he was there representing in his jeep.

He went to great personal expense in the lighting up of the jeep, which was a major attraction over the Nine Morning’s celebrations. He helped tremendously with the first Miss Biker Babes 2004 held here in

St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

On the day he died he had not long left our office where he was arranging fundraising activities for our club’s trip to St. Lucia. The day after his demise, an emergency meeting was called to decide whether we should go ahead with all the plans Jomo was working on and it was unanimously decided that Jomo would wish for us to continue.

Jomo was a very dedicated man to his family, his (9) nine children, and his fiancée Lynette Dewar, whom he intended to marry in June and host the first Biker Wedding in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Anytime you saw Jomo he had a smile on his face that would light up a whole room. We are all in sorrow for Jomo’s death and he will be sorely missed as we pray that he rest in the hands of the Lord.