June 4, 2004

Theolophislus Wilson of Cane Garden left us on Friday, 21st May, 2004

The lord is the giver of life and only He allows it to be taken. How silently you left us and didn’t get to say …….!
These wonderous joys of heaven
have engulfed my thoughts today.
The brightness of the sunlight; the coolness of the day.
The sweet chattering of holy angels who are inviting me to play.
The fragrance of this nice breeze
as I reach heaven’s pathway,
The richness of this garden where I shall forever stay.
The crystal lake of pure water which joins the shallow bay,
all in this beautiful land where there is neither night nor day.
I wish for all to join me on their judgement day, and this will surely happen if we pray and live in a righteous way.

By employee Ezekiel Skabee Morgan

Compliments VINLEC management and staff