High school achiever maintains top form
Chenise Harper
July 5, 2024

High school achiever maintains top form

by Jada Chambers

Chenise Harper, who placed second in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment(CPEA) Examinations, and first in the country in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate(CSEC) Examinations, was last month named Valedictorian in the Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies(DASGS) Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations(CAPE), at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College(SVGCC).

Hers has been a household name in every educational institution that she attended. While Harper was a student at the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School in 2017, she placed second overall in the CPEA examinations with an average of 97.60 per cent, and five years later, she was at the top of the 2022 May/June CSEC examinations with 15 grade ones under her belt while she was a student at the St Vincent Girls’ High School.

Two years later, Harper received the Divisional Award for Excellence, and was also presented with three subject awards in Digital Media, Pure Mathematics and Physics, at the SVGCC graduation Ceremony which was held at Victoria Park on June 25, 2024.

“I am just really proud. At the end of the day, I would have also been just as proud of my accomplishments even if they weren’t recognized as these were,” Harper told SEARCHLIGHT in an interview yesterday, July 4.

When asked how she is able to consistently produce exceptional work, she said the goal is not to fight to be the best but to do your best.

“I didn’t go through high school or college for the sole purpose of getting an award. To be truthful, I didn’t even think I was going to receive this award, but I know that I tried to put my best foot forward in all of my assignments and exams and that was enough for me. I suppose it all paid off in the end.”

However, during her tenure at the SVGCC, Harper said she struggled with time management and money.

“I thought that college would have been a breeze, but there is a reason they only let you do so many subjects. It was so hard to find time to juggle the subjects I chose alongside finding time to manage the clubs I was in,” she added.

However, her “amazing” support system of friends and family helped her to not give up.

“There are so many people that have pushed me into becoming the person I am today. I believe that my life is seriously impacted by the simple [and] kind acts the people around me have done, including a simple word of motivation when I feel hesitant or keeping my company even when I am not in the mood to talk.”

Harper, who aspires to set up another STEM programme in SVG, said she remembers the times that people were there for her, and that has taught and pushed her to be a better person so she can, hopefully, provide the kind acts that might change someone else’s life.

“I give Almighty God praise and thanksgiving for granting me the health and strength needed to get this far,” Harper told SEARCHLIGHT.